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The 1st web solution that will finally bring you customers

All the webmarketing tools & services for local businesses to drive online traffic and convert it into customers. 

Before us, there were web agencies

Tired of paying too much for a website? To pay for any extra customer support? To not know how your advertising budget is being allocated? To receive analytics reports without the keys to interpret them?

Our webmarketing solution


Website | Online agenda | eCommerce | Chatbot | Emailing | SMSing | CRM


Our saas technology allows our customers to stay at the web forefront while enjoying fair prices. With Klixi, it is no longer necessary to spend thousands for an attractive and powerful website!


Our webmarketing & business experts


Online marketing management | Advertising campaigns


Our experts take on the task of generating online visits & converting them into customers. Klixi does not leave you outside in the cold, we advise you on what to do and then put it in place for you.

No gimmick, just results !


With Klixi, customer service is at no extra charge !

With us, help is free. No extra charge to benefit from our dependable and quick customer service that is unanimously recognized among our customers and included in all our subscriptions! 96% customer satisfaction in 2018

More than 4500 customers trust us !