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Create wonderful landing pages to boost your conversions

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, advertising etc. by creating dedicated and designed pages to convert the user

Create your first landing page now !

Your landing pages are free when we manage your advertising campaigns

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  • Landing pages

Landing pages customizable in some clicks


Make your own landing page

Start with a blank theme and build your page block by block, among those proposed in the gallery (form, carousel, map, gallery ...)


... or customize an existing theme

Select a pre-designed theme, change the appearance of the blocks that compose it, move them, or add new ones! Customize colors, fonts, animations, effects ...





A landing page according to your need

Adwords, meta-search, Facebook ads...

Your advertising campaigns do not convert enough? When a prospect clicks on your sponsored ad, do not lose it along the way! By sending it back to your website, it will probably be distracted by the many information that it contains. Create a landing page dedicated to your ad: include only your ad content and a form to transform the user on your page.

Emailing, smsing...

Create a landing page to encourage the user from a newsletter or a promotional sms to fulfill the desired objective (sale of a product or service, quotation request, satisfaction survey ...). Keep the content of your marketing campaign consistent with the content of the page to which the user is directed to maximize conversion.

Collecting your customer details

Use the landing page to collect your customers' email adresses (or all other information) when they want to access to your Wifi connection. Enrich your database

Landing pages designed to convert visitors


    Choose an existing theme, built with blocks already thought to convert the user and retain it on your page.

  • Customizable forms

    Integrate easily a form (contact, reservation ...) whose fields are completely customizable (drop-down, checkbox, text ...)


    Your page is quickly viewed thanks to Amazon CDN and the optimized technical code, even abroad! Do not miss a customer by letting him wait too long!


    All landing pages are responsive design and meet Google criteria for optimized viewing on mobiles and tablets


    Determine what action the user must take to fulfill the conversion goal (click on a page, fill in a form ...)


    Follow your conversion rate to analyze the performance of your page and receive in real time e-mail alerts when a user meets a conversion goal!

Create your first landing page now !

And enjoy all the appyourself toolbox benefits


    No need to re-field your contents and waste time : create your content once and publish it everywhere 


    All your contacts are centralized & ready-to-use for your maketing campaigns


    All your analytics are integrated so you can follow the performance of your online communication


    Follow in real-time the growth of your online communication


    No software to install, you only need an internet connexion


    Included in all plans : hosting, technical maintenance and new features