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Increase the traffic of your website by leveraging online advertising

With appyourself, get professional support on how to create and manage your Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Waze campaigns.

Increase the traffic of your website by leveraging online advertising

You're hesitating ? For 139$, we conduct an audit & will provide you with campaign recommendations according to your objectives.

a 30% increase in website visitors and a return of investment doubled

I am very satisfied particularly on search engine optimization and the increase of traffic on my website. My number of bookings increased in 2017 and it continues in 2018. The popularity of my website has progressed significantly. Congratulations

Alain Priem, Hydravion Aventure



Since the beginning of its campaigns (from March 2017 to March 2018) Hydravion Aventure website has observed an increase of 82% of visits over the same period as the previous year, this represents a 30% increase in visits to the site. But above all, beyond the traffic, Alain Priem had a return on investment of 205%: it means that he has won more than twice what he invested at the beginning by counting management fees of appyourself !

Manage your spendings

Budget set in advance

You choose the budget you want to invest to increase the traffic on your website according to your objectives.

Control your budget

We track the amounts spent, the income generated with the booking engine and the number of incoming calls (call tracking)

Return on investment

Campaigns are not a cost center, but a profit booster, for which the return on investment can be calculated.

Let's define together your advertising strategy

You do not know how much to invest, on which channels and for which return on investment ? For 139$ we carry out a complete audit & provide you with recommendations according to your objectives.

Why should you delegate your advertising campaign to appyourself ?


    With its experience in managing advertising campaigns, appyourself is now labeled by Google Partners.


    A clear and personalized proposal depending on your targets, your positioning, your competitive advantages, your marketing strategy and your development objectives.


    Invest in a platform to optimize the cost of your ads per click or conversion and benefit from advice to adjust your strategy as the ad campaigns progress.


    Number of impressions, number of clicks, conversion rate ... all key figures are available to track the performance of your campaigns.